Our Story


We both have a passion for chocolate and are fascinated about the origins of chocolate which were initially only available to royalty or used medicinally.

In 2017, we both independently stumbled upon a delightful chocolate factory, “Mayan Monkey in Mijas” and we remember our children’s faces full of delight when making their own bars of chocolate. We fell in love with the idea of ethically sourced ingredients for producing delicious artisanal chocolate and enabling other children (and adults) to enjoy that experience.

“According to ancient Mayan texts, cocoa is of divine origin and is considered a gift from the gods”. As medical doctors who specialise in children, we decided to set up a chocolate factory in the home of royalty and so “Dr Choc’s Windsor Chocolate Factory” opened, with an aim to share the chocolate making experience with all.

“Chocolate is known to have medicinal effects –being an antioxidant, cardio-protective and neuroprotective properties as well as being a luxurious food to enjoy”.

We invite you to come to make your own chocolate, enjoy the experience and treasure the memories forever.
For us, chocolate is the best medicine!




We use non-alkalized, natural Cacao Powder only
Our fine flavour Cacao Beans are ethically sourced from sustainable cacao farms & communities in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Venezuela and Congo.


All our chocolate has a high cacao content & corresponding low sugar content. – Our Cacao Butter is natural and unrefined, from first pressing.