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Chocolate Making Workshops Explained

Chocolate making workshops are classes or sessions where participants learn how to make chocolate from scratch, typically led by a professional chocolatier or chocolate maker. These workshops cover a variety of topics, including the history and science of chocolate, chocolate tempering, and moulding techniques, and cocoa bean to chocolate making process.

Participants in chocolate making workshops may learn about the different types of chocolate, such as dark, milk, and white chocolate, and how to create their own unique chocolate creations. They may also learn about the equipment and tools used in chocolate making and how to properly store and care for chocolate.

Some workshops may also cover chocolate pairing and tasting, in which participants learn how to pair chocolate with different types of food and drinks, and how to evaluate chocolate based on its flavour, texture, and appearance.

The workshops are usually hands-on, with participants getting to make their own chocolate creations, under the guidance and supervision of the instructor. Some workshops may also include take-home chocolate making kits, allowing participants to continue making chocolate at home.

These workshops are suitable for a wide range of people, from chocolate enthusiasts and hobbyists to professional chefs and bakers, and can be a fun and educational experience for all ages.

The Dr Chocs Chocolate Workshops

Our Dr Chocs workshops are very hands on. We like to keep the attendee numbers small so that you can exclusively learn and get involved with the chocolate making process and gain support from our very knowledgeable chocolatier team.

Our workshops vary depending on the time of year. For more information and to book a place on our upcoming workshops, click here.

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