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5 Unique Easter Gift Ideas for 2022

Dr Chocs Easter egg

From traditional Easter eggs to fun chocolate activities, Easter is the perfect time for all things chocolate!

The Easter holidays give everyone a chance to enjoy their favourite sweet treats. Easter is the perfect time to spend the day eating chocolate whilst watching your favourite television programme or film or perhaps heading out into Windsor to enjoy your leisure time with friends and family.

It can be hard to find a unique Easter gift that symbolises just how important that special person is to you. If you want to buy a tasty Easter gift for the chocolate lover in your life, we have it covered!

Here at Dr Chocs, we have put together 5 delicious Easter gift ideas, including tasty chocolates for the youngsters and fun day out ideas for making the most of the Easter holidays.

Chocolate Making Workshop

Our chocolate making workshop is a great choice for children (and grownups) this Easter! As parents, we understand how important it is to have fun things to do during the Easter holidays.

It can sometimes be hard to find entertaining and affordable ideas in your local area.

Our workshops include a masterclass with one of our amazing chocolatiers, and you can even sample the chocolates at the end!

Chocolate making workshop

Dr Chocs Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for a more traditional Easter gift with a unique twist, why not choose one of our Easter eggs! Our Chocolate Orange Easter Egg is a firm favourite for kids and adults alike.

Our Sea Salt Easter Egg is also a great choice if you are looking for an Easter gift for family and friends. The complete range of Easter products are available to view and order online or at Dr Chocs in Windsor.

Monthly Subscription

Buying someone our monthly chocolate subscription at Easter means that it is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the whole year!

Every month, your loved one will receive a box of two chocolate bars and four bonbons.

These chocolates are different every month, giving the gift recipient the chance to try out a range of extraordinary and delicious flavours and creations throughout the year.

Chocolate Bark

We have a range of chocolate bark products in unique and wonderful flavours that you can give to the chocolate lover in your life. Who wouldn’t want an Easter gift that is tasty, luxurious and created using only the best chocolate?

Our Lime and Coconut white chocolate bark is a great choice, and our Sweet Nature milk chocolate bar is just waiting to be tasted!

These chocolate bark products are different from regular Easter eggs or Easter gifts. They could be the perfect sophisticated Easter gift for your loved one this year.

Visit our Dr Chocs café

Why not spend a few hours of the Easter holidays with friends and family at our fabulous Dr Chocs café? If the weather is nice, you can even relax in our gorgeous garden.

We offer a wide range of tasty chocolate, ice cream and waffles, and our friendly servers are happy to help you find the perfect chocolate treat. From fluffy waffles to dreamy ice cream, you will find the perfect sweet treat for you and your party this Easter.

We love to welcome people to our café and chocolate making workshops. Our chocolate products are a great choice, and they make wonderful Easter gifts.

Make your Easter holiday celebrations truly special by giving unique gifts lovingly crafted by our chocolatiers.

Check out our website for more information about our range of chocolate products, or visit us in Windsor this Easter.

Special Days Gift Guides

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and with it we will all be trying to think of unique and thoughtful gifts for our nearest and dearest. This is a time for us to show our love for one another, using gifts and small tokens to celebrate love of every kind.

Whether you’re a new couple, you want a present for your best friend or you and your partner have been together for years- chocolate is always a great choice!

If you can’t think of a Valentine’s Day gift idea this year- don’t panic. Everyone struggles to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for their loved ones. That’s why we’ve put together lots of fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you and your partner.

We’ve got special, unique and affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or for her. We can help you show your partner how much they mean to you each and every day- without breaking the bank. 

If you want to buy your partner the traditional gift of chocolate, but you want to find a way to make it a little bit more personal, we have the perfect gift idea for you. 

Including products that chocolate lovers will adore and experiences that you and your partner can do together, let us help you pick out an amazing Valentine’s Day gift this year.

1. Dr Choc’s Valentine’s Day Hamper

We have created a chocolate Valentine’s Day hamper just for this special occasion! Our hamper is the perfect choice for your partner, and it has everything you need for a lovely day with your loved one.

Our Valentine’s Day hamper includes a milk chocolate “I love you” bar, 2 chocolate hearts, a heart-shaped chocolate lollipop, a pure hot chocolate stick and a bottle of Rose Prosecco.

You and your partner can enjoy some delicious chocolates together, drink a bit of Prosecco and celebrate this special day together.

2. Make your own chocolate at home

What’s better than buying your partner chocolate? Letting them make it themselves!

This gift is fantastic for the chocolate lover in your life, and it gives your partner so much more than the traditional gift of chocolate. They can pretend to be a chocolatier for the day with this thoughtful and personal gift idea.

3. Dr Choc’s Windsor Chocolate Factory Gift Voucher

Does your partner like to choose their own presents? Why not get them a gift voucher?

The Dr Choc’s Windsor Chocolate Factory Gift Voucher allows your partner to choose whatever chocolate they want. From salted almond milk chocolate bark to chocolate dipped mango, we have a wide range of products for chocolate lovers.

Let your loved one decide what they want for themselves with a Valentine’s Day gift they will love.

4. Monthly subscription

If you want to give your partner the Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving, choose our monthly chocolate subscription. Your loved one will receive a box that consists of two chocolate bars and bonbons every single month. The flavours of the bars and bonbons will be different each month, and each one is decided and crafted by our expert chocolatiers.

Subscriptions are a thoughtful gift idea, as they last for longer than just Valentine’s Day, and your partner will get a fun surprise to see what arrives in the post every month.

5. Workshop (to do together)

Our chocolate workshop is a great date idea in Windsor, and it could also make the perfect gift for someone this Valentine’s Day! There’s nothing more personal than a fun experience that you know your partner will love, and our chocolate workshops are an activity the two of you can do together.

You and your partner can make chocolates under the instruction of a master chocolatier, and learn all the tips and tricks you need to create delicious sweet treats. There will also be a chance to try some of your creations at the end, of course!

These workshops run throughout the day, and they are a Valentine’s Day gift and a fun date idea all in one.


Whatever you buy for your partner this Valentine’s Day, make sure it is something you know they will love. One of our chocolate hampers could be a good option, and we love to give anyone the chance to try their hand at making their very own chocolate at home or in one of our Windsor workshops.

Our dedicated chocolatiers are passionate about giving you and your partner the special day you both deserve this Valentine’s Day.

For more information about our chocolate making workshops, chocolate events or Valentine’s day range, check out our custom made chocolate or browse our website.