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We both have a passion for chocolate and are fascinated by the origins of chocolate, which were initially only the priviledge of the Royalty, or used medicinally back in the days.

In 2017, we stumbled upon a delightful chocolate factory, “Mayan Monkey in Mijas” in Spain and we remember our children’s faces with full of delight, while making their own bars of chocolate. We fell in love with the idea of ethically sourced ingredients and producing delicious, artisan chocolate, enabling other children (and adults) to enjoy that experience.

“According to  ancient Mayan texts, cocoa is of divine origin and is considered a gift from the Gods. Ground cocoa seeds were mixed with seasonings to make a bitter, spicy drink that was believed to be a health-promoting elixir.”


Customer Feedback

Chocolate Delivered to Your Door…

We did a chocolate workshop with our 6 year old & she loved it! Freya who ran the workshop was fantastic & made it really fun. The kids made the bars from melted chocolate then decorated them with their choice of sprinkles, marshmallows etc. Located right in the centre, took about 20 mins & cost £15 (and you get a lot of chocolate!)


Trip Advisor

Nice little afternoon tea with wrap , scone , cakes and choc bark. Plenty of food for us washed down with a cuppa. Staff very attentive and polite. Nice view of castle – highly recommend …. bargain at £9 each on Groupon – thanks Dr Chocs


Trip Advisor

Small place with very friendly staff. The kids were really happy with the chocs they made. We went for the 30 minute package. As it’s Windsor you have to accept the prices. Would definitely recommend.

Roger Blair

Funky place with very tasty chocolate in the middle of Windsor! They also do ice cream. They have tastings so you know before you buy. They were very kind mu son dropped his ice cream in the shop they gave him a new one free of charge. Very nice chocolate for a present too. Lovely place to go.

Mira Demeter

“We went to the express chocolate workshop and loved every minute! Such a fun and friendly team! They are definitely very passionate about chocolate and it shows in their many marvelous creations! The best part is we came home with 6 of our own bespoke yummy chocolate bars! Thank you Dr. Chocs!! Can’t wait to recommend you to our friends and family!”

Deepti Sharma

“Wonderful experience, friendly staff, educational and fun! Highly recommend this for all families! Will go again”

Charlotte M

Trip Advisor